Now is the time to register and make your flight plan for the second Supersonic Contra Dance Weekend in Seattle! February 1-3, 2019 at the Leif Erikson Hall in Ballard.
Supersonic is a zesty, high-energy all contra weekend for experienced dancers.

This year at Supersonic all dances will be called using Larks and Ravens.
The “lark” is the dancer who ends the swing on the left, and the “raven” is the dancer who ends the swing on the right. If you are an experienced dancer who has not yet danced to Larks and Ravens, now is your chance. You’ll most likely find that it will take a just a few dances to get accustomed to the terminology. The January 31 Lake City Contra Dance will also use Larks and Ravens.

Our mission:  Supersonic Contra Dance Weekend gives experienced dancers the opportunity to explore ways in which to challenge themselves and improve their skills as dance partners while experiencing complex dances and immense joy.

Is Supersonic right for you? We begin the weekend with no walkthrough contra corners. Are you comfortable navigating complex dances often with no walkthroughs or hash calls? Do you recover quickly from mistakes? If you answered yes, this weekend is for you.


We're excited to have an exceptional set of musicians and callers in store for the next Supersonic!


Supertrad is an east coast supergroup, a veritable Avengers of the modern contra dance scene. Dave Langford (of the Latter Day Lizards) Owen Morrison (of Elixir) Sam Bartlett (Notorious, Stringrays) and Eric Schedler (of the Cosmic Otters) combine musical forces to fight evil and to provide the global dance community with a vibrant energy of unknown potential. Though Supertrad’s music is steeped in the subtle intricacies of old-time, Irish, and New England tune traditions, they play with a groove and insistence more akin to the pulse of modern music.

The band is rumored to practice their music in electromechanical suits of armor, but every contra dancer knows these are some extraordinarily gentle and friendly dudes to spend a weekend with.

Seth Tepfer

Seth Tepfer

Atlanta, GA

Seth Tepfer is "Atlanta's Dance Magician," calling dances for adults and children like you've never seen before. Known for his infectious energy, his short walk-thrus, and his 'hash-contras', Seth's warm enthusiasm is contagious, and gets everyone moving, smiling, and having a great time. Whether squares, contras, or other folk dances, you can be certain that all involved - novices and experienced dancers alike - will amble away happy and eager to dance more!

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