Registration is now open! 

Please note: 
  1. If you are registering for more than one person, please follow the instructions and be sure you have a “one full weekend cart item” for each attendee, and fill in each attendee’s information.
  2. Please register for Supersonic 2020 only if you are absolutely planning to attend; otherwise, it costs both of us time and money to unregister you! Don’t worry about the weekend filling up right away; it won’t! 
Here is the how-to document: How to Register

For help with registration, please view our detailed registration instructions or email
  • Supersonic offers full weekend registration only – no partial or on-site registration will be offered.
  • This weekend is not gender-balanced – many participants enjoy dancing both roles.
  • This event is not suitable for beginners. No children are allowed unless they are old enough, tall enough, and good enough dancers to hold their own on the dance floor with enthusiastic adult dancers. Any children attending must also be registered attendees. For everyone’s safety, absolutely no babies, toddlers, or young children on the dance floor at any time.
  • Only non-marking, non-street shoes allowed. Please carry clean soft-soled, wide-heeled shoes to use in the hall.


Registration is non-transferable and all cancellations will be subject to a $25 processing fee.

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