To register:
Follow this link to the registration page,
hosted by Dancerfly. Once there:

1) Press the current price of a Full Weekend Registration. You should see a “Cart” box
appear on the right side.

2) If you are registering more than one attendee, press the price again, until you see a
cart item for each attendee you want to register. (This is just the *number* of attendees, you’ll fill out details later.)

3) Press the green “Check out” button. (This button may not work unless you see a
“Cart” box on the right side.) You should see a form for Attendee details.

4) Fill out the Attendee Details form for the first attendee. If you are registering more
than one person, at the bottom of the page press”Register another attendee.”
Otherwise, press “Continue.” Once you have filled out the same number of forms as
items in your cart, press “Continue.”

5) If you are registering more than one person, you need to assign your attendees to
cart items. For each person, press a cart item on the right side, then press a person not
yet assigned a cart item. If you are only registering one person, you are mercifully
spared having to do this. Press the green “Next step” when no unassigned items
remain, and each person is assigned a registration.

6) Fill out a brief survey, if you wish. All items are optional. When done, press “Next
step.” This should take you to “Email.”

7) Enter the email address you’d like the receipt to go to, and press “Next step.”

8) If you would like to house visiting dancers, select the checkbox and fill out the form.
Press “Next step,” after which you should see anorder number and a way to enter
payment information.

9) Once payment information is entered, click “Complete Order.”

10) If you chose to pay by check, take note of the information on where to mail your
check: PO BOX 1173 Anacortes, WA 98221.

11) You should also receive an email confirming your registration.

Registration instructions courtesy of Martin and Nancy McClure